Wind resistant umbrellas - A Case Study for an Australian hotel

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 18-Aug-2017 14:12:52

In 2017, a premium Australian Hotel had a got in touch with our team of shade specialists to help pan an upgrade to their outdoor space with umbrellas that could withstand significant wind. Our local Agent in the area rose to the challenge. 

The hotel had employed seven square umbrellas from a competitor brand on their roof. Due to the location atop the roof, it was not uncommon for them to experience winds around 60 kmp/h, putting the umbrellas under significant stress.

The Hotel’s previous umbrellas had failed in the wind - The flimsy nature of the original umbrellas were far too flimsy and not fit for purpose in a hospitality shade situation.

During a recent renovation of the property, waterproofed bases for standard market umbrellas had been installed under the deck - so any solution would need to adhere to these existing fixings. 

The requirement was that umbrellas were needed to both utilise the existing space as well as withstand the high winds for up to an hour whilst the staff were able to to retract the umbrellas.


Upon initial discussion, the Hotel Manager was adamant that the 4 metre SU10 would be an excellent solution. However, after our agent analysed the situation, he found the existing bases were not suitable and the hotel lift would not accommodate the size of the SU10. The SU2 was the perfect piece to the shade puzzle.

Shadowspec and our Agent were so confident that the SU2 would perform, it was agreed that a single SU2 wind resistant umbrella would be installed on a trial basis. The staff would then ensure they took their normal necessary measures to put the umbrella down in adverse conditions. 

After two weeks, the hotel were thrilled with the quality and performance of the SU2. With no hesitation, they ordered the required umbrellas - one a 4.0 metre octagonal size, and the rest as 3.0 metre square SU2 umbrellas. 

If you're concerned with high winds and want to discuss our durable, stylish and high-quality umbrella options, make contact and one of our friendly sales team will be happy to assist you.



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