What you should know about Sunbrella fabric

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 08-Aug-2017 10:13:47
Sunbrella is a marine and awning fabric that is used for indoor and outdoor living. The 100% solution dyed acrylic is predominately used for shade and marine canopies due to its superior properties, making it the best choice for outdoor shade cover. 

Sunbrella has rapidly gained popularity throughout Australia and worldwide as the number one, best outdoor fabric, with its fade resistant and water resistant properties. Here are the main features of the fabric and the reasons why we at Shadowspec, use this fabric on our parasols and prefer it over all other options!

Fade Resistant

Sunbrella is made from solution dyed acrylic where the colours are added to the sunbrella yarn, even before it’s produced to give it long lasting colour that won’t fade or wash out. Regular fabric colour is added to the surface of the yarn, meaning it only is “one layer deep” and isn’t woven into the fabric, so over a short period of time this can fade or wash out leaving you with a old tired looking outdoor furniture.

UV Protection

Skin-Cancer.jpgSunbrella is UV resistant and carries the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval and recommendation as a safe fabric to use on outdoor shade coverings. This means it's met the Foundation's criteria for safe and effective UV sun protection.  The testing requirements include an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30 or higher for clothing and fabrics, and 99% or greater blockage of ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation for sunglasses and UV films. Read more about this on the USA Skin Cancer Foundation website. 

Water Resistant

Founded in 1961, Sunbrella have set the bar very high for quality outdoor fabric - and dominate the marine and outdoor furniture industry. We use Sunbrella quite simply beacuse it's the best! It’s water resistance makes it a great fabric that ensures our Outdoor Umbrellas can be used as both a shade protector and as a roof over your head when it rains.

Mildew and Mold Proof

As with any awning fabric it will be exposed to the elements being outdoors. With regular care the Sunbrella fabric will outlast it’s 5 year warranty and will not grow mold or mildew on it. Just be sure to brush off any organic matter that could grow mold - but if this attaches to the fabric, following the easy-care cleaning instructions will take care of this. You can read more about how to care for an umbrella here.

Easy to Clean

Its water resistant properties make Sunbrella fabric easy to wipe up mess or spills like bird droppings or garden debris like leaves and pollen, watch this short video to see how resistant and easy to wipe up any spills or mess with just water, bleach and soap:

5 Year Warranty

5-year-warranty.jpgSunbrella is very long lasting and looks good throughout it’s whole life.
The Sunbrella manufacturers are so sure of their product that we can offer a 5 year guarantee on the parasol of our quality outdoor umbrellas, and this includes against any fading - no matter what colour you choose! The warranty covers the rot-proof properties and colour fastness (4/5 minimum colour fastness under exposure to ultra-violet rays and bad weather conditions) of new Sunbrella fabrics starting from the date on which the fabric is purchased. 

Great Colours RangeSunbrella-Fabric-1.jpg

Sunbrella have a huge range of colour choices and all are guaranteed to last no matter how bright or dark the shade might be, it won’t fade! Shadowspec Umbrellas can be made to order in custom colours, giving you the freedom to choose something that will compliment your outdoor space.


At Shadowspec we pride ourselves on the quality of every part of every umbrella, and Sunbrella fabric really delivers with a top performing product that we use for the canopy. We have had many success stories using Sunbrella and are looking forward to many more! Get in touch with our team to go over your shade protection, or take a look at our testimonials below:
"It has been the best purchase yet. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and advise with choosing an umbrella to suit our needs. Not to mention getting it to us so quick and so close to Xmas was awesome. Being able to move it around with ease to shade us in and out of the pool at the same time is perfect. It looks just as good now to when we first got it. You were right the darker colour cuts and hasn’t faded.  Anyone thinking of purchasing this umbrella just do it. You won’t regret it."
Patricia, QLD

"The best quality product I could find following lengthy research via the Internet." 
Doug McIntyre - Sydney, NSW



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