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The Only Patio Umbrella Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 24-Jan-2023 08:28:54

There is an overflow of patio umbrellas online, people who just want to protect themselves from the weather are suffering from choice paralysis. We’ve scoured the web and pulled from our years of experience, putting together the only Patio Umbrella Buying Guide you’ll ever need. You’ll find information that you can use to couple up with the best umbrella for your space. 

Before we get started, we’re about low friction, ease of use so perhaps you could try out Patio Umbrella Selector. Follow the prompts and our selector will let you know the best umbrella for your space. 

An outdoor umbrella is an essential piece of outdoor furniture that you shouldn’t go past. Providing shade, comfort and style to your patio environment. This collection of information is all you’ll need to choose the best patio umbrella

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Paving Design Ideas to Spruce up your Yard for 2022

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 19-Nov-2020 10:00:00

We’ve often touched on the ways to update your outdoor area and new paving is a great way to do this. There’s no better way to get your neighbours poking their head up over the fence and looking down in awe at your inspiring, clean and tidy backyard with great paving.

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The Best Backyard BBQ Ideas for Summer

Posted by Mitchell Whitehouse on 01-May-2020 16:31:02

Barbecue is a great institution where communal cooking and sharing of food, stories and time brings family together. Barbecue is synonymous with summer and everyone looks forward to a sizzling show, great meats, salads and conversation, all summer long. This year and in future, home gatherings and meals are going to take on a greater importance. Struggling with where to start on your staycation BBQ adventure? We’re experts in backyards and the BBQ is a quintessential part of that.

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What's trending: 20 outdoor design trends for 2020

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 21-Oct-2019 09:45:42

As we head on into a brand new decade it’s time to look forward at the future of outdoor design and trends. If you’re planning on a landscaping adventure in the next little while then look no further! Here’s a comprehensive and brief list of trends for next summer. Let’s work together on your outdoor living space to get it summer ready with these outdoor trends for 2020.

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