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The Best Commercial Umbrellas for Bars and Restaurants

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 07-Mar-2018 13:18:00

When it comes to selecting the best commercial umbrellas for your bar or restaurant, choosing something that is both visually appealing and long-lasting is the key.

Umbrellas not only add to the ambience and atmosphere of an outdoor space, but they increase the area space that you can accommodate paying clients in. Increased seating space means increased numbers of potential patrons, which in turn means an increased bottom line.

Choosing outdoor umbrellas that are of the best quality, beautifully branded and constructed of commercial grade materials will make a huge difference to choosing a cheaper option from your local hardware store!

Shadowspec Moet branded umbrellas

SU10 Umbrellas outside Headquarters Bar and Restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand

Shadowspec has a range of commercial umbrella options to suit any type of outdoor space, of any size. Some of the unique features that make Shadowspec’s umbrellas stand head and shoulders above other commercial outdoor umbrellas include:

  • Simple and easy to open and close
  • Gas Strut Assisted opening and closing action
  • Heavy-duty double pulley system
  • Commercial grade umbrella pulley rope
  • Glass-filled nylon high-performance hubs and brackets
  • Marine grade anodized aluminium frame and pole
  • Stainless-steel fastenings and components
  • Commercial strength umbrella pole

Here are some of the options that are the perfect choice for bars and restaurants:

SU6 Multi Mast Cantilever Umbrella 


One of the most popular choices for a bar or restaurant outdoor area is the SU6 multi mast cantilever umbrella. With the ability to mount up to 4 umbrellas on one mast, this umbrella system is a world leader and in a class of its own. 

Thanks to modern gas-strut technology, each umbrella can be opened and closed individually with ease. No ropes and pulleys, no winding crank systems, just one easy sliding movement. 

SU6 opening.png

Key features of the SU6 umbrella

  • The ability to mount up to four individual umbrellas off one mast
  • Manufactured from marine-grade powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Patented 'one-movement' sliding system for opening and closing the umbrellas 
  • Option of octagon or square umbrellas
  • Provides cover for up to 38m2
  • Utilises gas-strut technology for ease of deployment
  • Extended warranty

There are also a number of configurations that are possible with the SU6, these are:

SU6 possible configurations.png


Another brilliant feature of the SU6 is that the umbrella canopy is manufactured from premium Dickson Acylic fabric. This high quality shade fabric is 100% solution dyed and carries a 5 year warranty. 

Fabric features.png

View Our SU6 Range

SU10 Commercial Centre Pole Umbrella 

SU10 commercial umbrella.jpg

The SU10 is an excellent choice for restaurants and bars, with its elegant and simplistic appearance.

This umbrella has key features that appeal specifically to the commercial industry, such as:

  • Commercial grade aluminium frame structure
  • Stainless steel hardware for longevity
  • Premium 100% solution dyed Acrylic canvas fabric canopy (UPF 50+)
  • Durable high performance hub and fittings
  • Telescopic mast allows umbrella to clear most furniture when closing
  • Removable open/close handle
  • Protection umbrella cover included

SU10 opening images.png

The SU10 comes in three standard sizes and shapes:

  • 4.0m Square
  • 5.0m Square
  • 5.0m diameter Octagon

The SU10 is also manufactured from premium grade Sunbrella Acrylic fabric. This high quality shade fabric is 100% solution dyed, has a UPF 50+ and carries a 5 year warranty.

Read more about the incredible benefits and features of the Sunbrella fabric here.

This umbrella also comes in a range of six standard colours, but a large range of custom colours are available on request. 

SU2 Cafe and Market Umbrella



SU2 fabric colours.jpgThe SU2 Cafe Umbrella is available in six popular colours, and can be fully custom branded to suit any commercial environment.

The SU2 is available in four standard sizes:

  • 2.0m square
  • 2.7m diameter octagon
  • 3.0m square
  • 4.0m diameter octagon

This umbrella’s canopy is manufactured from premium solution dyed fabric. This is a high quality shade fabric which is 100% solution dyed, carries a 2 year warranty, and has a shade rating of UPF 50+.

SU7 Rotating Cantilever Umbrella


The SU7 is Shadowspec's signature cantilever offset umbrella. Available in three different sizes, a wide selection of colours, and the choice of an octagon or square umbrella, this rotating cantilever umbrella represents elegance and quality from every angle. 

This umbrella has the ability to rotate 360° and modern gas-strut assisted deployment, which makes it incredibly easy to take this umbrella up or down in one easy sliding movement. 

Key features of the SU7 Cantilever Umbrella

  • It's ability to rotate 360° around its offset pole 
  • Manufactured from marine-grade powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Patented 'One-movement' Sliding system for opening and closing the Umbrella
  • Octagon or Square Umbrella
  • Umbrella Rotates 360°
  • Utilises Gas-strut technology for ease of deployment
  • Extended warranty

See the SU7 rotating cantilever umbrella in action here:



This umbrella is available in the following canopy sizes and shapes:

  • 2.5m Square
  • 3.0m Square
  • 3.5m diameter Octagon
  • 4.2m diameter Octagon

It is also available in 13 different colours, and is manufactured from premium Dickson Acrylic fabric. 

View the fully rotating cantilever umbrella


No matter what the outdoor space, Shadowspec has the right umbrella and the right configuration to suit your outdoor commercial umbrella requirements. 

Still unsure which to go for or want to have a chat with one of our shade specialists? No problem, we're here to help. Fill in your details below and we'll give you a call to discuss your unique requirements. 

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For more information on this topic read our blog about how you can increase profits from your umbrellas: https://blog.shadowspec.com.au/blog/5-ways-to-increase-profits-with-quality-commercial-outdoor-umbrellas-0  

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