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Shadowspec's Australia and New Zealand Road Trip

Posted by Mitchell Whitehouse on 27-Aug-2019 16:51:22

Soya bean fields in full bloom last night on the side of the Hume Highway. The response to our Shade Deployment Vehicle has been overwhelming. The guys have received comments (as they casually whip up a latte and deploy the umbrellas) such as "get outta here, this vehicle is unreal!" The product really speaks for itself though, we have NO CRANK HANDLE  or INTERNAL CABLES which is a key standard feature that sets us apart from the rest. Will leave you with...'Shadowspec Umbrellas are outstanding in their field'.



Our Shade Deployment Vehicle distinctively framed by the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Shadowspec brings family and friends together by providing an unparalleled customer experience - this is part of that experience. #roadshow



"I am a bird." An iconic umbrella next to an iconic bridge. The heron is our brand. Watch our 'Shadowspec and Black Heron' video.

What a way to view umbrellas. With a shade expert, latte, and purpose-built vehicle coming right to your door. At Shadowspec we pride ourselves not only with having premium products but also service that goes above and beyond. Jackson is doing an awesome job showcasing our products. You can see a snippet of what the umbrella looks like deployed but stay tuned to see all three.



After much anticipation, our first Shade Deployment Vehicle is on the road. Our aim is to showcase how effortless our umbrellas are to use. We've got stops planned all over Australia (then New Zealand), so keep your eyes open for our Shade Deployment Vehicle. I am sure when you see our umbrellas in full flight you'll know why Shadowspec has 'shade so good nothing else matters'. Stay tuned.



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