Classy Marlborough Winery expands outdoor offering

Posted by Mitchell Whitehouse on 29-May-2019 10:00:00


Wither Hills Estate in Marlborough, New Zealand.

“If we didn’t have Shadowspec Outdoor Umbrellas, well it would really limit our offering. We wouldn’t be able to offer the outdoor dining.”

- Geoff Matthews,
National Operations Director of Wine,
Lion Co Breweries. Based at Wither Hills Estate


The Introduction: Iconic winery

Wither Hills Winery’s story begins with one man, a local winemaker with a passion to craft the best wine from Marlborough. Located at the northeast tip of the South Island of New Zealand, Marlborough is known around the world for its quality agriculture and viticulture.

Key Stats:

  • Six SU7 Umbrellas.
  • Three Vineyards in Marlborough
  • 25+ Years of Wine.

The Problem: Limited outdoor dining options

Wither Hills’ restaurant has always been popular, but the lack of a quality outdoor dining area was limiting their ability to entertain guests year-round. The customer's expectations of the winery were also at the front of the mind of the estate's management.

“We need products that looks the part, sleek and tidy with nothing overly complicated or technical that fits our brand.” - Geoff Matthews 

Situated in the valley below the namesake Wither Hills Range, the winery also needed a solution that would stand up to the elements.

The Solution: Modular & mobile shade 

witherhills-2The taupe canopies blend  with the colour scheme of  the design.

Creating an optimal outdoor dining experience with a premium cantilever shade product is essential to improving the revenue-generation-potential of any restaurant, café or hospitality establishment. Shadowspec worked with Wither Hills to develop a shade solution that would increase the dwell time in their outdoor space and create an atmosphere of comfort and class. The solution was to install seven of Shadowspec’s Rotating Cantilever Umbrella in the outdoor dining space.

“They’re smart looking, they blend in with the surroundings here at the winery. They’re consistent with the quality and look that our guests would expect of us. All our umbrellas are Shadowspec, all our bean bag seats are Coast – it's all a great brand fit for Wither Hills” - Geoff Matthews

The umbrellas provide the level of shade needed to create the perfect outdoor dining experience for Wither Hills’ patrons. The cantilever umbrella can rotate 360 degrees around the in-ground mount. The cantilever umbrella features a gas-strut and one-movement slide technology that makes life easy for staff and a safe dining experience when a nor’wester blows through.

“From a customer safety aspect, its real peace-of-mind knowing our guests are out there under a good solid umbrella and its safe.” - Geoff Matthews

The Results: Increased use of the outdoor space


Wither Hills has seen an increase in the patronage in their outdoor area over the past two years and the results are positive. They’ve unlocked a brand-new way of growing revenue whilst impressing their guests at the same time.

“I’m sitting in my office and watching a lovely, elderly couple go out to sit and dine in the shade under one of the umbrellas – outdoor dining and that’s something that we just wouldn’t be able to offer for our guests. It opens up a whole new customer experience, a whole new area for revenue from outdoor dining.” - Geoff Matthews

Find out more information about the Rotating Cantilever Umbrella or try our umbrella selector to find the best umbrella for your shade project.


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