The Best Commercial Umbrellas For Golf Resorts USA

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on Feb 12, 2018 11:45:25 AM

When it comes to the elegance and beauty encapsulated within most country clubs, it’s clear that only the best quality will do. That is why Shadowspec is proud to present one of the most durable, aesthetically pleasing and commercially viable umbrella ranges available on the market, perfect for adding those finishing touches to the relaxation areas of golf resorts.

One of the recent country club fitouts done by Shadowspec was at the Four Oaks Country Club in Dracut, Massachusetts.


Four Oaks (1).jpg

The result has been absolutely stunning, made up of numerous LED lit, multi-mast Shadowspec SU6 umbrellas. They create awesome ambient lighting in the outdoor dining space in the evening, and luxurious comfort and shade in the heat of the day.


Four Oaks (2).jpg

Nothing says relaxation and sophistication quite like the allure of beautiful, quality outdoor umbrellas. When it comes to choosing the best commercial umbrellas for golf resorts, there really is no better option than the Shadowspec range. Visit our comprehensive guide to Commercial Umbrellas to assess the best shade option for you. 


Four Oaks (3).jpg

The SU6 multi-mast cantilever umbrella is one of our best-selling umbrellas, and one that stands for outstanding elegance and style. With the ability to mount up to 4 umbrellas on one mast, this brilliant umbrella system is a world leader and in a class of its own. 

Thanks to modern gas-strut technology each umbrella can be opened and closed individually with ease. No ropes and pulleys, no winding crank systems. Just one easy sliding movement. 




All of Shadowspec’s umbrellas are manufactured from premium grade, non-corrosive materials and marine-grade fabrics. They are engineered, wind-tested and certified to guarantee exceptional quality and top performance for many years. They also come with an extensive warranty for customer assurance purposes.

The SU6 is also available in a number of various configurations. Here are a few layout options:


SU6 umbrella configuration options.png


When choosing the best commerical umbrellas for country clubs, be sure to select something that will withstand the elements, and retain its quality for years to come. The SU6 multi mast umbrella carries a canopy warranty and a frame warranty of 5 years. 

Download our catalogue now to find which solution will be best for your unique needs. 




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