The Best Outdoor Dining Investment for Hospitality

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 16-Aug-2017 17:02:02

Commercial umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a versatile choice for shade.  They are perfect for your business, hotel or any other commercial implementation and are a great way to cover your customers or clients in an outdoor setting.


While there are many options for umbrellas on the market they are often a large investment and need to be made of high-quality materials in order to withstand the elements thrown at them.

One of the largest downfalls for umbrellas is the wind. If the umbrella isn’t built from high-grade materials, the wind will destroy it in no time. The Shadowspec range of umbrellas has been tested and engineered to stand the test of time - performing in wind tunnel testing.

If you live in an excessive wind area, we recommend you install an umbrella that best suited to these conditions. A strong durable mast alongside quality fixings and components play a key role. The main umbrella spoke hub in the middle of the umbrella is the most important component and the ‘central’ point of strength in the umbrella. Getting this right and manufacturing it from a robust and durable material allows the whole umbrella to withstand extreme conditions while remaining unsurpassed in quality, performance and durability.

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Umbrella strength.

A good commercial umbrella needs to stand the test of time. Umbrella frames made out of aluminium last years longer than their wooden counterparts. Top-quality anodised aluminium is used in Shadowspec umbrellas to make sure they can withstand extreme weather.

Sunbrella umbrella fabric.

The fabric used on the Shadowspec commercial umbrella range is made of strong woven acrylic fabric making it robust and resistant against the weather elements. It’s perfect for high-wind situations as it’s woven blend makes it long-lasting and not prone to tearing.

Umbrella mounting options.

Strong base - The base on an umbrella is very important. It is the anchor point so careful thought into the best option for your space should be taken. There are a variety of options for umbrella bases - the most popular in a commercial setting is either an in-ground fixing or a surface plate which ensures the umbrella won’t fly off in high winds.  

Rotating outdoor umbrellas.

Shadowspec cantilever umbrellas rotate 360 degrees. This feature is ideal for commercial umbrellas. It allows full rotation of the canopy so you can utilize the whole surrounding area for shade, moving the umbrella to suit the time of day. This dynamic shade deployment is perfect for cafes, restaurants and bars. 


Marine-grade umbrellas

Our outdoor umbrella specifications include enhanced aluminium umbrella ribs coupled with a marine grade aluminium frame and stainless-steel hardware for longevity. And the key to the Shadowspec’s performance is the cast or solid-mould aluminium central hubs and support brackets. A lot of umbrellas use plastic or resin parts in these crucial points, due to the cost of using cast aluminium.

At Shadowspec quality is something we do not compromise on. Using these high performance, high strength, non-corrosive materials ensures that your umbrella will stand the test of time, whether it’s subject to high winds, sea spray, grit and any other elements. 


Shadowspec umbrellas are produced with the greatest care and meet the strictest quality standards. Read further for detailed warranty information.

Umbrella technology.

Quick-release and Gas Strut Technology. Designed for ease of use the Shadowspec Umbrellas are very easy to use. This is thanks to both the quick release system – reducing the time taken to deploy the umbrellas and our gas-strut technology.

 Gas strut technology takes the weight of the umbrella while raising and lowering. This makes the umbrella weight neutral and well balanced, making the opening process almost effortless. This enables the umbrella to be opened and closed in one single movement. This is invaluable in a commercial setting as the umbrellas are quick and easy for anyone to open/close, causing no disruptions to those around it and allowing your staff to return to caring for your customers.

Talk to one of the Shadowspec team for a non-obligation layout plan for your outdoor space and to discuss your shade solution.



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